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We want to welcome you to the new Delta-Alpha at Large Chapter website. Your Board of Directors is excited about this dynamic tool to communicate what is happening with your local Chapter and facilitate access to International’s webpage.  Your participation in your local Chapter is vital to its growth and sustainability.  Delta-Alpha at Large has a strong history, tradition and future that can only be fostered with your involvement. Take time and consideration.  Renew your membership now or join…We NEED you!

2014 – 2016 DAAL Board Officers and Committee Members

Each of the Delta Alpha At-Large Chapter Vice-Presidents will have oversight of one of the following events or committees: 

  • Vice President #1:  Oversight of Induction Ceremony (Jeanene Burns)
  • Vice-President #2:  Oversight of Research and Scholarship Committee (Deborah Kendall-Gallagher)
  • Vice-President #3:  Oversight of Finance Committee (Charles Whitehead)
  • Vice-President #4:  Oversight of Community/Outreach Events (Yvonne Davila)

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